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Retreats & workshops for LGBTQ+

Women & Non-Binary Folk 


Hi, I'm Ruth

I've been creating and running transformational retreats for 8 years. I founded Rainbow Retreats in March 2022 to offer retreats to LGBTQ+ women & non-binary folks.

The first Rainbow Retreat was one of the best days of my life. Bringing my passions and the work I have done for the last 10 years to my queer community feels utterly life changing. There is something so deeply healing for me as a gay woman to be in a space with other gay women and I love to witness the profound effect it has on the women who come to the retreats. 


My quest in this world has been to find my deepest joy and to truly live, and to help others do the same! 

Gong Bath & Cuppa for LGBTQ+ Women & Non Binary Folks
Gong Bath & Cuppa for LGBTQ+ Women & Non Binary Folks
24 May 2024, 19:30 BST
Swansea Wellbeing Centre
Gong Bath & Cuppa for LGBTQ+ Women & Non Binary Folks
Gong Bath & Cuppa for LGBTQ+ Women & Non Binary Folks
07 Jun 2024, 19:30 BST
Swansea Wellbeing Centre

Diane, Port Talbot

“The mixture of music, and movement, and poetry and singing and sounds has been life changing. So beautiful and so powerful. I’m in awe!


Gabbi, Coventry

"Ruth is very good at what she does, it is thanks to her efforts and care/love for others that made it possible for me (and the rest of the group) to look inside ourselves and learn so much from it."


Nic, Cwmbran

"An amazing experience and has broken through barriers I've held up for decades. Totally recommend it!


Holli, Gower

Ruth is so gifted at creating a space of integrity that I felt held to surrender to the process, exploring at the depth I needed. I am sure we each had the perfect day for us, because we were facilitated to find our own experience, finely tuned to ourselves. I left feeling peaceful and nourished and will definitely return.



Noreen, Forest of Dean

“Ruth’s retreat was a wonderful opportunity to sidestep the distractions and demands of life in the most wonderful of surroundings. She created a space where it was possible to make new connections with myself, my surroundings and the amazing women who shared the experience alongside me. As a group we laughed, cried and explored our journeys, together, yet somehow uniquely alone. Ruth guided us throughout with love and compassion, in a way that nourished our hearts, minds, and souls. If you do one thing for yourself this year, attend one of Ruth’s retreats, it will change you.”


Leah, Penarth

As someone who has always been quite conscious of how people view me, the thought of chanting in a mini retreat was terrifying! There’s something special about the way Ruth holds the space which makes you embrace and forget about the world around you. I felt empowered and proud of myself for belting out the chants and it took me to a place of freedom. It’s like I felt a physical lift! What’s great about Ruth’s sessions is that the feeling doesn’t only last the length of the time she teaches, that feeling of pure joy has become a core memory for me which I recall in any time of worry or doubt.

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